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Entertaining, informative, and lively, here are several podcasts from the Seniors Resource Foundation of Ocala. Also, videos of events, awards, and other special happenings with our organization and the local prominence in Ocala and Marion County.

“Tapestry of Life”

Vignettes on videos speaking to seniors about a momentous time in their lives. Older adults will enrich you and make you appreciate their accomplishments!


Articles and periodicals on older individuals, specifically geared toward education, technology, culture, and more.

Podcasts And Videos

Projects, Events And More From The Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala - Great Expectations Realty Podcast

UPDATE! Andrea Proeber, Broker and Owner from Great Expectations Realty, discusses with Phyllis Silverman and Herb Silverman all the fresh ideas and innovative fundraising suggestions in a lively conversation…
WCLM Business Showcase LIVE with Marion Technical College and the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala - February 2024

CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion Speaks To Phyllis Silverman About The 1st Annual Seniors At Work Job Fair

Our moderator from the CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion spoke to Phyllis Silverman, Founder and President, from the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala on our 1st Annual Senior At Work Job Fair on March 14, 2024.

CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion is a team of professionals focused on helping older adults find part-time or full-time work. Our main aim is to connect businesses with skilled job seekers. We work closely with local partners in economic development, education, and the community to offer top-notch education, training, and employment services tailored to the needs of our region. 

WRGE - 97.3 FM Podcast

Our host, Jeff Borger, Program Director from WRGE – 97.3 FM, interviews Phyllis Silverman and Herb Silverman from the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala. In the conversation, they highlight all the programs and fundraising projects so far. Specifically, these individuals tell how they are working to help seniors stay active and vital in our community.
EA Video - Winter 2023

Excellent Adventures - An Expo For Active Seniors

Watch the 1-minute video:
On March 22, 2023, with over 200 participants, the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala held a sports and fitness expo at the College of Central Florida.

“The event consisted of more than 20 sports and fitness vendors, free goody bags, and prizes,” commented our media sponsored, ABC affiliate, WCJB-TV. “People who attended had the opportunity to sign up for activities such as zip lining, scuba diving, dancing, golf, and more.”

“Tapestry of Life”

Frank and Naida Rasbury - Part 1

Phyllis Silverman, Founder and President of the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala, was honored to meet Frank and Nadia Rasbury. Frank Rasbury is a man who has dedicated his entire life to serving others. He spent over 20 years in the U.S. Army, earning the rank of lieutenant colonel and awards such as the Bronze Star. After retiring from the military, he continued his service in the civilian world, working for 11 years as the executive director of the American Red Cross chapter in Nassau County, New York.

Frank is also a long-time member of Rotary International, an organization dedicated to making positive changes in communities around the world. He joined the Rotary Club of Ocala in 1988, and since then, he has been involved in many projects aimed at improving the lives of people both in his local community and in other parts of the world. Some of these projects include providing clean water to people in Zimbabwe and helping to eradicate polio worldwide. Frank truly embodies what it means to be a servant leader, and his contributions have made a positive impact on countless lives.

Frank and Naida Rasbury - Part 2

Naida Rasbury is a talented performer who made her Broadway debut at just seven years old, in the original production of Porgy and Bess. After appearing in two revivals of the show, she went on to work as an educator before finding success in city government. However, her true passion is the Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, a group she joined almost 25 years ago to help eradicate cancer. Naida was particularly moved by the statistic that 40 percent of women who die from breast cancer are women of color, and she knew she wanted to be a part of an organization that could make a difference.

Betty Jones

A conversation with Betty Jones, who orchestrates and coordinates a “food warehouse” with lower and fixed income individuals right here in Ocala.

Jan and Allen Abbott

A chat with Jan and Allen Abbott. Coming from Alaska, they will talk about not only traveling, but volunteering experience for the American Red Cross emergency division, and other involvements.

Mary Anne Lynum

Phyllis Silverman, the Founder and President of the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala, took a seat with Mary Anne Lynum, Director of Resident Experience, at On Top Of The World Communities. Ms. Lynum will speak about impact and growth of older adults overall, and how On Top Of The World Communities is focusing with optimistic ways for Ocala.

Dr. David Elliott
Hospice of Marion County

Phyllis Silverman, Founder and President, from the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala, chats with a fascinating interview with Dr. David Elliott from Hospice of Marion County, for our continuing series, Tapestry of Life.

Robert Parsons

Robert Parsons, born in 1921, wrote a book entitled, “We Don’t Blush Anymore,” and after observing the ill manners and incivility of people everywhere. Hopefully the suggestions in his book will bring civility back to our people in the USA and around the world. 

Eadie Pulkkinen Sickle

Phyllis Silverman chats with Edith (Eadie) Pulkkinen Sickler, who is a second-generation Finnish-American. Her book, FINLAND TO AMERICA: One Family’s Journey of Courage and Hope, describing the Sippola family’s courage as they immigrated in early 1900s from their homeland of Finland to America. Their 13 children’s lives are highlighted in this interesting book, written by one of their granddaughters. Finnish recipes included!

Dean Johnson

Phyllis Silverman, the Founder and President of the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala, sit down with Dean Johnson, General Manager for K Country and WIND-FM, former owner of Ocala Style Magazine.

Carl Schneider — Chapter 2

Welcome back Carl Schneider, Director of Quality and Reliability at NASA (retired.) In this “chapter,” Carl will talk about his father, Sam, born in Poland in 1907. As we will discover, his escapades will have interesting twists and turns talking about flying, World War II, the form of Israel, and so much more. A heartwarming story for everyone!

Bill Shampine

Phyllis Silverman will discuss a unique perspective about strategies of water and quality assurance with Bill Shampine in our next “Tapestry of Life” series.
Bill’s knowledge and expertise both in the international diplomacy and implementation and recommendation on water quality essentials will be enthralling to you!

Harry Boyajian

Harry Boyajian is a musician, crooner, photographer, salesman, and so much more.

Learn how Mr. Bojajian turns a touch of gold to any situation with his work and hobbies. Indeed, Harry will recall touching stories to amused and delight!

Dr. Florence Pritchard

In our next “Tapestry of Life” series, Phyllis Silverman will interview Dr. Florence Pritchard, President of the Friends of the Freedom Public Library. Their mission is to promote their public library and the patrons it serves over the last 20+ years.

Paul Blystone

In our next “Tapestry of Life” series, Phyllis Silverman will interview Paul Blystone, a retired veteran at Lieutenant Colonel for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), an auxiliary of the Air Force.
Furthermore, Paul began looking for ham radio operators and wound up joining the Marion County Emergency Radio Team. Intriguing!

Carl Schneider

Fly me to the moon… Phyllis Silverman, Founder and President, from Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala, was thrilled to interview Carl Schneider, Director of Quality and Reliability at NASA (retired.)

Mr. Schneider will speak about his beginning in the field of science and, landing a position in NASA. More than that, he will explore his time of his job and worked side-by-side on with some of the best astronauts of NASA. 

Erica Palte

In our next “Tapestry of Life” series, Phyllis Silverman will interview Erice Palte, retired. As a world traveler, Ms. Palte is the second of five generations born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Erica studied in Israel, Denmark, and the USA before returning to Johannesburg, South Africa. Here is her story.

Toni Jones

Toni James, Owner/President at Toni James & Associates and former CEO and President of United Way, for our “Tapestry of Life” series.
Ms. James specialized in consequential thinking to develop business strategies, developing relationships at Toni James & Associates. She repairs, strengthen, and build bridges for any business or organization. Ms. James will talk about her experiences in business and marketing, but also her hobbies including a volunteer at the Historic Ocala Preservation Society, Heart of Florida, and so much more.

Cindy Gaffin

In our next “Tapestry of Life” series, Phyllis Silverman will interview Cindy Gaffin, a board member of the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala and heads up the Friend Visitor Program. Cindy will discuss her experience serving in the Navy.

Jay Kreisman

Wonderful time chatting and listening to Jay Kreisman at the Tapestry of Life series!
Jay’s “day job” career was as a chiropractor and high school chemistry teacher. In addition, he created and taught from a music studio in his home in New Jersey for 20 years. Specifically, he coached many private lessons and workshops in classical, jazz, and bluegrass guitar styles.

Marilyn Bettinger

In this “Tapestry of Life” series, Phyllis Silverman will have a conversation with Marilyn Bettinger. Marilyn will discuss her adventure performing in show business and an inside look in the entertainment field.

Phyllis Silverman
Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala

In this episode, the Founder and President of the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala, Phyllis Silverman, will explain what the Tapestry of Life series is and the impact it will have for not only seniors, but for everyone.

Barbara Silagai

In this “Tapestry of Life” show, Phyllis Silverman will interview Barbara Silagi, a 91-year-old former aviatrix. Ms. Silagi is a graduate of Northwestern University, did post graduate studies in Illinois and worked as an educator. She also worked as a pilot, “flying mainly cargo,” in the Willow Run/Detroit area. She said she currently works as the bookkeeper at the Lake In the Forest RV Park and runs her own business, Diamond Design Services.

Articles And More Stuff

Take Stock in Children Of Marion County

Take Stock in Children is a nonprofit mentoring, college & career readiness and scholarship program. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty for low-income, underrepresented, academically qualified students by providing opportunities for degree attainment through postsecondary education. We provide wraparound services to students through an innovative, multi-year model from high school through postsecondary completion. You can change the life of a local student in Marion County by becoming a mentor!

What is a Take Stock Mentor?

A Take Stock in Children Mentor is a caring, compassionate adult who chooses to devote their time to a young person. Mentors offer support, guidance, and encouragement. A Take Stock school-based mentor can change a life by helping a child build confidence, a solid foundation of values, establish goals, and improve their academic skills.

Want to learn more about becoming a mentor?


Take Stock in Children of Marion County is a program of the Public Education Foundation of Marion County

Take Stock in Children

United Way of Marion County’s ReadingPals Program

Love to read? Enjoy working with children? The United Way of Marion County’s ReadingPals program has served the children of Marion County since 2012. The students that are served have been identified as needing additional literacy support. Some of the children served do not know their alphabet or basic social skills like sitting still when being read to.

Help to instill that joy of reading in kindergarten students with just your investment of one hour on Tuesday & Thursday during the school day. Volunteers read a book, selected by the school district, that has questions in the back to guide your conversation. There are also vocabulary words that can be used as a seek a word game. Every child that has a ReadingPal will be given a book each week for their home library. This extends the classroom into the home setting as the person who reads to the student will have the focused questions to ask. Just imagine the smile on the student’s face when they read their first sentence! Help bring that smile to the children of Greenway or Emerald Shores Elementary.

The process to become a ReadingPal is easy. Attend a workshop and pass a background screening. There is no cost to the volunteer for the background screening. Here is a recent video that will give you some insight into the program.

For additional information please contact Jan Hathaway at or at 352-732-9696 x212.

United Way ReadingPals