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The Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala is an organization designed to include seniors in all aspects of 21st-century life. From active participation in fundraising events to learning today's technology, we encourage an engaged presence and a forward-looking perspective.

Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala Ongoing Projects

Seniors At Work

Employers/employees should tap into the vast pool of experience represented by the seniors in our community for part-time jobs. We will discuss the nature of the post, the benefits, and all the particulars.

Media Blitz

Whether it is video, podcast, articles, or more, enjoy the activities and energy of the power of older adults here in Ocala. Specifically, enjoy our short video montage, “Tapestry of Life."

Fundraising Efforts

The Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All proceeds will go to SRFofOcala's programs.
We currently plan several major fundraising activities…

Seniors' Introduction To Technology

In today’s world for seniors, it is vital to be able to access services, important current information, and needed products. In addition, the internet permits face-to-face communication with loved ones in other areas of the country. In particular, SRFofOcala's sponsors donate new tablets. Then, SRFofOcala gives training, instructions, and, a follow-up to measure progress and answer all questions to the older adults in Ocala.

Quick Reference Guide

A handy directory to provide you with quick answers to commonly questions that you may encounter in your daily living. This free guide will be easily available throughout Ocala. For new 55 and older individuals, the table of content will include general information, Medicare/Medicaid questions, prescription assistance, food, healthcare, safety, security, and so much more.

Senior/Student Lunch Program

Many seniors in Ocala have grandchildren who live far away in other states. Other seniors would enjoy the challenge of learning about the world through a young person's eyes. Elementary kids would benefit from learning from those who are in experience and have lived full lives. The senior/student lunch program would bring these two worlds together and broaden the growth of each.

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SRFofOcala's Board Members

Phyllis Silverman - Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala - Founder/President
Phyllis Silverman
President and Founder
Ruthie Archie - Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala
Ruthie Archie
Coldwell Banker
Board Member
Leigh Blair - Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala
Leigh Blair
Hospice of Marion County
Board Member
Tamara L. Fleischhaker​ - Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala Board Member
Tamara Fleischhaker
Ocala CEP
Board Member
Tirsa Rodriguez - Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala Board Member
Tirsa Rodriguez
Mid-Florida Agencies
Board Member
Dell Richards - Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala
Dell Richards
Florida Blue
Board Member
Herb Silverman - Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala - Marketing/Webmaster
Herb Silverman
Marketing and Webmaster
Greg Steen - Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala Board Member
Greg Steen
Family's Choice Electrical Repair
Board Member

About SRFofOcala

The Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala is a local organization dedicated to improving, enhancing, and enriching the lives of older adults. To that end, we will share valuable information and pursue fundraising and grant opportunities in order to offer necessary services and programs.

Volunteers At SRFofOcala

It only takes a little effort to do a lot of good. Uncover how worthwhile it is to be a volunteer!