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Lend Your Expertise

Whether you are good with your hands, connecting to a friend, livening up a crowd, or more, the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala is looking for you!

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Seniors At Work

Offering part-time positions for seniors in two different ways:

  • If anyone 55 and older is interested in applying for a part-time position, the SRFofOcala will be posting up-to-date openings on both our website and social media every few days.
  • If you are a company looking for older individuals who demonstrate attributes including dependability, loyalty, adaptability, leadership, and broad knowledge base, terrific!
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Employers/employees should tap into the vast pool of experience represented by the seniors in our community. We will discuss the nature of the job, the benefits, and all the particulars.

Seniors At Work — Part-Time Jobs Available

If you were interested in applying for any positions above, 

please find a job interest form below…

Provide the enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills necessary to organize and supervise activities. Share your passion for your hobby, by teaching it to adults with disabilities. Yoga, art, music, theater, sports, photography, cooking, knitting, gardening, the list goes on. If you love it, please consider passing on that love and knowledge!

Assists in planning, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of activities provided within specific program areas such as Education, Special Education, Social Recreation, Arts & Crafts, Health and Life Skills and Physical Education.

The ideal candidate will possess the skills needed to perform including knowledge of vehicles and construction, maintain the service schedules, be responsible for the yard maintenance of our office and warehouse, occasional errand running in company vehicle, and other needs.

Answers the phone and maintain phone log for all incoming calls; checks and responds to voice mail. Enters complaint, case, and assessment information in web-based documentation system; enters updates as received. Additional job description attached.

This position is responsible for transporting blood and blood products to and from customers and other LifeSouth branches. This position is also responsible for preparing items for shipping, verifying and keeping records of incoming and outgoing materials.

We are looking for sales representative with strong ability to network, build lasting relationships, and close the deal. Our commission-based only positions come with flexible hours, telemedicine, and primary
healthcare benefits. Senior must have working knowledge of computer and cell phones to apply for this position as it is a large part of how we input and track data.

The Home Delivered Meals Driver is responsible for delivery of homebound meals on assigned routes and making daily check on clients’ condition and reporting any changes to supervisor.

The Transportation Driver is responsible for tasks relating to safe client transportation to and from homes, doctor’s offices, clinics, shopping facilities etc. when they qualify for services under certain programs for the transportation challenged residents of Marion County.

An experienced life insurance agent or financial advisor to work in our agency either part-time or full-time. The tasks would be insurance reviews, leveraged when appropriate, to financial services when we can improve a senior’s financial situation.

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SRFofOcala's Quick Reference Guide

This directory will be distributed throughout Ocala as an easy reference for answers to questions that may come up in your daily life.

Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala's Quick Reference Guide

For new 55 and older individuals, the table of content will include general information, Medicare/Medicaid questions, prescription assistance, food, healthcare, safety, security, and so much more.

You can grab your handbook in numerous locations including the Marion Senior Services, Ocala Metro Chamber and Economic Partnership, Marion County Public Library System, real estates in Ocala, and umpteen other locations.

Fundraising Efforts

The Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala is a local 501(C)3 nonprofit organization and all proceeds will go to SRFofOcala’s programs. We currently plan two major fundraising activities:

We need volunteers to assist with all aspects of these events.

“Tapestry of Life” Video Project

This is a video program designed to interview seniors about a momentous time in their lives. Older adults will enrich you and make you appreciate their accomplishments on our short video every other Thursday.

Additionally, we want volunteers willing to share experiences with an interviewer.

To view stories, click here

Introducing Seniors To Technology

Providing new tablets plus training to the 55 and older community in Ocala.
More coming soon…


Friendly Visitor Program

Loneliness is an all too familiar feeling for many seniors in Ocala. Those who see no one from month and month can suffer from depression, physical illness, and mental illness.

All it takes is an hour a week of your time to share stories, photos, and smiles with a new friend!

Do you know a friend or acquaintance who would enjoy a weekly visit from a neighbor?

Please, contact the Foundation by email at to make your suggestions.

Senior/Student Lunch Program

Many seniors in Ocala have grandchildren who live far away in other states. Other seniors would enjoy the challenge of learning about the world through a young person’s eyes. College students would benefit from learning from those who are in experience and have lived full lives.

The senior/student lunch program would bring these two worlds together and broaden the growth of each.

Intergenerational lunches will encourage conversation between seniors and college students. The activity is conducted by student volunteers.