Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala

Lend Your Expertise

Whether you are good with your hands, connecting to a friend, livening up a crowd, or more, the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala is looking for you!

A woman taking notes of the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala's projects

Friendly Visitor Program

Loneliness is an all too familiar feeling for many seniors in Ocala. Those who see no one from month and month can suffer from depression, physical illness, and mental illness.

All it takes is an hour a week of your time to share stories, photos, and smiles with a new friend!

Do you know a friend or acquaintance who would enjoy a weekly visit from a neighbor?

Please, contact the Foundation by email at to make your suggestions.

Home Repairs for Needy Seniors

Many older adults in Ocala wish to remain at home, but these homes require changes and repairs. More than that, home repairs present a physical and financial challenge to many older residents. Thus, the purpose of the Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala is to improve and revive individual residences with your help.

In particular, seniors need to feel confident and trusting of the workman doing their repairs. Therefore, your expertise and experience will be very helpful to the Ocala senior population.

So, if you can spare several hours a month of goodwill and participation to our organization, we would welcome your help.

Fundraising Efforts

The Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala is nonprofit and all proceeds will go to SRFofOcala’s programs. We currently plan two major fundraising activities:

We need volunteers to assist with all aspects of these events.

Entertainment for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

We will provide monthly entertainment to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

We are seeking volunteers who love to amuse and brighten some seniors live.

"Tapestry of Life" Video Project

This is a video program designed to interview seniors about a momentous time in their lives. Older adults will enrich you and make you appreciate their accomplishments on our short video every other Thursday.

Additionally, we want volunteers willing to share experiences with an interviewer.

Senior/Student Lunch Program

Many seniors in Ocala have grandchildren who live far away in other states. Other seniors would enjoy the challenge of learning about the world through a young person’s eyes. College students would benefit from learning from those who are in experience and have lived full lives.

The senior/student lunch program would bring these two worlds together and broaden the growth of each.

Intergenerational lunches will encourage conversation between seniors and college students. The activity is conducted by student volunteers.